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Emerald Plus

P/N:  231673

Quantity/Size: 4 / 3.55 L JUGS

Product Description
Emerald Plus liquefies and removes stubborn industrial soils, grease, oil, tar, ink, paint, and more. Enriched with a blend of gentle emollients to keep hands soft and smooth, a unique grade of pumice helps deeply clean heavily soiled hands.


  • Super Concentrated and Efficient
  • Non-Solvent Formula Keeps Hands from Drying
  • Free Rinsing and Will Not Leave Hands Feeling Slippery or Greasy
Optional Equipment/Accessories
Part No: DSP1-JS35
Quantity: 1 EACH
3.55 L Soap Dispenser
Reliable, Simply, Gravity-Driven Wall-Mount Soap Dispenser
  • No Unreliable Electronics
  • Huge 3.55 L Refill Jug Capacity
  • Mounting Screws and Adhesive Tape Included for Easy Mounting
  • Metered Delivery Saves Product
  • Heavy-Duty Plastic Construction