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Exceptional Air AD

P/N:  477001

Quantity/Size: 12/10 oz Aerosol – Net Weight 7.25 oz

Product Description
Description: New technology allows for a finely atomized DRY spray. 100% of the product is available to instantly make contact with surfaces containing malodors. The dryness of the spray allows for complete odor elimination without messy fallout, residues, wetting, or staining. Not available for sale in the state of California.

  • Eliminates Odors
  • Maintains Odor-Eliminating Effect on Surfaces Long After Cleaning
  • Creating a Positive Micro-Climate Inside the Room.
  • Penetrating and Protecting the Spaces You Can’t Touch or See.
Optional Equipment/Accessories
Multi-Function Dispenser for Metered Cans
Part No: 499501

Automatic dispenser for use with Neutrazen Natural Scents Dry Spray Odor Counteractant.


  • Programmable Spray Intervals
  • User Friendly LED Indicators
  • Timer with Day Night Sensor