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Perasan A 5.6%

P/N:  14927



Product Description
Enviro Tech’s Perasan® A is a top of the line sanitizer for a variety of applications, comprised of 5.6% peracetic acid and 26.5% hydrogen peroxide, with a small amount of acetic acid. Perasan A is ideal for food contact surface sanitation, is non-corrosive to stainless steel, and has no harmful disinfection by-products. Other Multi Uses Include:

Sanitation of both organic and conventional food and beverage plants, for use on conveyors, pipelines, equipment, floors, walls, animal housing, and drains
Reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membrane cleaning and biofilm removal
As a foam cleaner, in conjunction with Perafoam, for use on hard to clean surfaces such as walls, drains, etc.
As a fog adjunct for high-level microbial control
Sulfide oxidation and odor elimination
As a biocide for cooling water treatment to control microbial, slime, or biofilm growth
The Perasan A sanitizer combines highly effective antimicrobial properties with a very favorable environmental profile.